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Cardi B’s Nail Artist, Jenny Bui, Stands by Husband After Salon Fire Incident



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Jenny Bui, known for her work as Cardi B’s nail artist in the Bronx, recently addressed the situation following the arrest of her husband, Billy, for allegedly causing a fire that resulted in the destruction of her salon. In an interview with ABC 7, Jenny made a heartfelt plea for her husband to be given another chance, emphasizing his inherent goodness. His legal representatives have argued that the fire wasn’t ignited as part of an insurance fraud scheme but rather due to stress and alcohol-induced frustration.

“Give my husband one more chance, he’s a good man,” Jenny appealed. “He expressed stress, and amidst everything happening, I didn’t probe further.” Jenny, whose Instagram page boasts over a million followers, which includes celebrity clients beyond Cardi B, remained supportive of her spouse.

Attorney Darnell Crosland defended Billy, emphasizing that there was no intention for financial gain in starting the fire. Crosland highlighted that it was an outcome of human breakdown and frustration rather than a deliberate fraudulent act. He further explained that Billy had been working long hours at the store, which led to a mental breakdown due to stress. The fire resulted in a loss of over $100,000 in supplies. “He deeply regrets what happened. He understands the significance of Jenny’s business to her and the personal connections with the people involved,” Crosland remarked.

Jenny expressed her determination to rebuild her business and reiterated her commitment to her husband despite external pressures. “I’m striving to rebuild because I deeply care for my community. Though many suggest divorce in the comments, I won’t,” she affirmed.

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