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Chad Johnson Criticizes NFL as Russell Wilson-Broncos Rift Unfolds



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Chad Johnson has voiced his discontent with the NFL, referring to it as a “dirty business,” following the revelation of further details surrounding the dispute between Russell Wilson and the Broncos. Johnson expressed his frustration, emphasizing the challenging nature of the game and the necessity of playing it on one’s own terms.

Wilson recently confirmed speculation that the Broncos benched him due to his refusal to make significant adjustments to his contract. The veteran quarterback revealed that the team wanted him to defer an injury guarantee to 2025, a move he resisted. Wilson asserted his commitment to playing fearlessly and emphasized the physical toll of the game, stating, “I never play timid; I never play scared.”

The Broncos, facing a financial challenge with Wilson, potentially saved money by benching him. However, cutting the veteran QB poses complications due to the significant guaranteed money in his contract. If released, the team would incur an $85 million dead money hit. Head coach Sean Payton, who cited the desire for an “offensive spark” in benching Wilson, denied any knowledge of the contract dispute.

While Wilson’s play has seen a decline, he remains a formidable quarterback. The larger issue lies in the Broncos’ inability to achieve consistent team chemistry. The suggestion arises that a complete reset, possibly using their projected 13th-overall pick to draft a quarterback, might be the solution. Potential candidates include Michigan’s JJ McCarthy or Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. Meanwhile, Wilson is expected to draw interest from teams like Atlanta, New York (Giants), or New England.

The unfolding saga is poised to continue in the coming months as decisions are made regarding Wilson’s future and the Broncos’ quarterback strategy.

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