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China Reaffirms Strong Support for Uganda’s UN Security Council Reforms



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The People’s Republic of China has reiterated its steadfast support for Uganda’s initiatives in implementing comprehensive reforms within the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). China commended Uganda for its commitment to preserving African solidarity, condemned external interference, and rejected the politics of bullying.

H.E. Mr. Luosang Jiangcun, the Deputy Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee, expressed gratitude for Uganda’s pivotal role as a member of the C-10 and emphasized the strengthening of bilateral relations. “China-Uganda relations are at their peak, appreciating Uganda’s pivotal role in preserving Africa’s solidarity as a C-10 member,” affirmed Mr. Jiangcun. He extended China’s support to Uganda in resisting external interference and bullying, emphasizing collaboration in various areas, including human rights, counter-terrorism, poverty reduction, and climate change.

Mr. Jiangcun advocated for deepening strategic cooperation, encouraging Chinese companies to invest in Uganda, and enhancing manufacturing capabilities. He affirmed China’s commitment to optimizing trade structures and welcomed Uganda to leverage platforms like the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo.

In the context of UN Security Council reforms, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa sought China’s backing, emphasizing Uganda’s pursuit of equal representation. He expressed gratitude for China’s historical support and called for the creation of two permanent African seats at the Security Council.

Tayebwa highlighted the unrepresentative nature of the Security Council, citing the Libyan conflict as an example. The proposed reforms encompass membership categories, the veto held by permanent members, regional representation, Council size, and its working methods.

China pledged medical support to Uganda, promising to dispatch medical teams. Tayebwa acknowledged the robust bilateral relations, lauding President Xi Jinping’s friendship and China’s contributions, including providing vehicles for the South Summit.

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Expressing appreciation for China’s role in the pandemic, Tayebwa described it as a significant challenge. China’s donation of testing kits and vaccines assisted Uganda’s preventive strategy. He underscored the need for technology transfer and increased access to Chinese markets for Ugandan goods to improve the trade balance.

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