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Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) : Uganda’s Tourism Sector Set for Boost from International Summits in January 2024



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Uganda’s tourism sector is poised for significant growth with the upcoming hosting of two international summits in January 2024, according to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, John Mulimba. The 19th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Heads of State and Government, involving 120 member states, and the Third South Summit under the framework of Group 77 and China will be held from January 15 to 20 and January 21 to 23, respectively, at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

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Minister Mulimba addressed Parliament on Thursday, November 23, highlighting the strategic importance of the summits for marketing Uganda’s unique tourism and investment opportunities to a broader international audience. Uganda is set to assume the chairmanship of NAM for three years and G77 and China for one year, bringing anticipated economic benefits to the country.

Mulimba emphasized the creation of dedicated websites for NAM and G77 plus China, featuring information on Uganda’s investment opportunities and tourism. The summits will include a business forum facilitating direct business-to-business interactions and partnerships.

The minister expressed optimism that hosting these events would enhance Uganda’s positive image, leading to potential economic and commercial benefits in the medium to long term. Government entities such as the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), and Uganda Airlines are actively involved in completing rehabilitation works in preparation for the summits.

Mulimba highlighted substantial progress in construction works at the Entebbe airport’s main terminal, expected to be completed before the summits. He also reported beautification efforts along the Entebbe-Munyonyo-Kampala Corridor by local and urban authorities, emphasizing activities such as garbage collection, disposal, managing street children, and regulating motorcyclists.

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KCCA’s initiatives include installing street lights on selected roads and improving the drainage system. UNRA is working on major road projects, including the Kampala Flyover, conversion of the Kajjansi – Munyonyo Spur into an expressway, and improvements on the Kampala Northern Bypass. The government has allocated Shs 53.594 billion toward organizing the summits.

Hon. Abdu Katuntu (Ind., Bugweri County) echoed Mulimba’s sentiments, emphasizing Uganda’s improving international image and the immense economic benefits expected from hosting major conferences and summits.

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