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Conway The Machine Sets the Record Straight on Mention in Benzino’s Diss Track Towards Eminem



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Conway The Machine is stepping in to clear the air after his name was dragged into Benzino’s latest diss track aimed at Eminem, titled “Rap Elvis.”

In the song released last week, the former owner of The Source takes a jab at Eminem, taunting him with the line, “Con’ left ya label.”

Addressing the situation on Instagram on Wednesday (February 7), the Buffalo native clarified that despite no longer being on Shady Records, he holds nothing but respect and admiration for Eminem.

“Peace! I just wanted to speak on a few things,” he began. “I heard the @benzinoislegendary_ joint and I just need to clear this up for everybody. 1. I didn’t LEAVE shady records. Also I never wanted to leave the label, My contracts were simply fulfilled,” he stated.

Conway continued, emphasizing his positive feelings towards Eminem and the team at Shady Records. “2. And most importantly, I FUCK WIT @eminem [Shady Records co-founder and Eminem manager Paul] @rosenberg [Shady Records EVP of A&R] @mikaelheron @shadyrecords @50cent And I could never feel any Ill feelings towards Em and them n-ggas. They gave some 35 year old street n-ggas from Buffalo that’s been shot in the head and did jail sentences a chance and a opportunity to make it out the hood and take care of my family.”

He concluded with a plea to keep him out of any negative sentiments towards Eminem, reaffirming his loyalty to the rap icon.

Griselda Records, Conway’s collective, signed a distribution deal with Shady Records in 2017. However, Conway’s first studio album for the imprint, “God Don’t Make Mistakes,” was released in 2022, approximately five years later.

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In previous interviews, Conway has spoken positively about Eminem, acknowledging their professional relationship. He has also expressed regret over remarks made about Eminem’s fans in the past, emphasizing the importance of being cautious with words in interviews.

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