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Joe Budden Criticizes Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s Grammy Performance



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Joe Budden, known for his candid commentary, didn’t hold back his opinions on Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards during the latest episode of his podcast.

Sharing clips of his discussion on Wednesday (February 7), the outspoken New Jersey native expressed his disappointment with the duo’s stage presence despite previously praising Travis Scott’s album UTOPIA.

Budden questioned the appropriateness of Scott and Carti’s performance, stating, “What the fuck is Travis and his man doing up here? Hey, you two bozos! Get the fuck off the stage when n-ggas got beautiful women and tuxedos on, honestly. You up there smashing shit. You got the nerve.”

He further criticized their performance, highlighting the disconnect between their energetic stage presence and the atmosphere of the Grammys. Budden remarked, “All that shit look different when it ain’t a thousand little white kids jumping up and down. When there are grown people here, all that ‘FE!N, FE!N, FE!N,’ that’s what you wanted to win over Killer Mike? You’re fucking stupid!”

Budden’s remarks come after Travis Scott expressed frustration over not winning Best Rap Album for UTOPIA, which led to a fiery performance at the ceremony.

During his set, Scott delivered a medley of UTOPIA tracks, including “FE!N” with Playboi Carti, where he ad-libbed, “They slept on me 10 times,” referencing his numerous Grammy nominations without a win.

Following the announcement of the Best Rap Album winner, Scott seemed to express his disappointment on social media with a raised eyebrow emoji.

Despite his loss, Scott had previously expressed his gratitude for the nomination, emphasizing his love for music and the Recording Academy’s recognition.

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While Travis Scott’s performance may have resonated with some, Budden’s critique highlights the diversity of opinions surrounding artists’ interpretations of award ceremonies like the Grammys.

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