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Danny Brown Critiques the “Fit Check” Trend, Expresses Concerns for Younger Audiences



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During an episode of That’s Deep with Complex, Danny Brown shared his perspective on the prevalent “fit check” trend and its potential impact, especially on younger audiences. The Detroit native, known for his unique fashion sense, expressed disapproval of the trend and its potential negative effects on kids’ perceptions of value.

In the interview, Danny voiced his concerns, noting that the trend could have detrimental effects on young individuals. He recounted a personal experience where younger family members requested high-end fashion items like Balenciagas. The rapper highlighted the disconnection between these expensive desires and the financial reality of young people who might not have a source of income.

Reflecting on his own fashion journey, Danny reminisced about the excitement of acquiring a pair of Reebok Pumps for $100, considering it a significant achievement. In contrast, he noted the current trend where kids aspire to own $1,000 shoes, equivalent to months’ worth of rent. This observation underscored Danny’s worry about distorted values ingrained by the “fit check” trend in younger generations.

Furthermore, Danny Brown challenged the notion that expensive clothing automatically equates to style. He emphasized that someone could look fresher from Burlington Coat Factory than another person wearing all designer items. The rapper underscored the importance of individual style and suggested that it is not about the amount of money spent on clothes but about personal expression.

In the world of hip-hop and fashion, where trends often emerge rapidly, Danny Brown’s perspective offers a grounded reflection on the impact of materialistic trends, urging a focus on personal style and authenticity over the pursuit of expensive labels. What are your thoughts on Danny Brown’s critique of the “fit check” trend and its influence on younger generations? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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