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Dee-1 Aims to End Feud with Joe Budden, Embracing Forgiveness and Reconciliation



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Dee-1, the Christian rapper, expresses his desire to reconcile with Joe Budden, setting aside their past feud where Budden labeled him a “clout chaser” last year. Speaking on Big Loon’s It’s Up There podcast, Dee-1 shares his perspective on forgiveness and outlines his vision for repairing their relationship.

Refusing to succumb to negativity, Dee-1 emphasizes his commitment to overcoming bullying and differences, citing his own experiences and a children’s book he authored on the subject. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to extend an olive branch to Budden, expressing a desire to embrace him and reminisce about their shared passion for music.

Reflecting on his faith and personal growth, Dee-1 acknowledges the importance of forgiveness in his journey, highlighting his choice to prioritize “kingdom culture” over the norms of the rap industry. Despite past conflicts, he emphasizes the potential for reconciliation and mutual understanding, illustrating his belief in the power of forgiveness and redemption.

The feud between Dee-1 and Joe Budden stemmed from Dee-1’s critique of fellow rappers’ lyrical content, leading to tensions between the two artists. However, Dee-1 remains focused on his music career, with his latest album, “From the Hood to Harvard,” recently released on streaming platforms.

Stay tuned for updates on Dee-1’s journey and potential reconciliation with Joe Budden as he continues to navigate the complexities of the music industry and personal growth.

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