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DJ Akademiks Sparks Skepticism Among Playboi Carti Fans Again



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For years, DJ Akademiks has maintained a reputation as a professional provocateur on the internet, but his credibility, particularly regarding music analysis and opinions, often falls under scrutiny from fans. One recent incident adding to this skepticism occurred when DJ Akademiks suggested that Playboi Carti would be releasing new music in January. However, as we approach the halfway mark of March, the promised record is conspicuously absent. Playboi Carti enthusiasts, who have eagerly anticipated the album since the beginning of 2024, especially after the success of his singles, find themselves disappointed.

The anticipation began building in mid-December with the release of “Ur The Moon,” swiftly followed by “2024” the next day. “H00BYAIR” was dropped four days later, followed by a two-week wait for the final two tracks. “BACKR00MS” teased a potential feature from Travis Scott, and “EVILJ0RDAN” marked the last we heard from Playboi Carti on January 15.

Despite Playboi Carti’s involvement in assisting Kanye West with VULTURES 1, fans remain largely uninformed about the album’s status. DJ Akademiks attempted to assuage concerns with a tweet earlier today, proclaiming, “2024 Music. Carti album otw. Stay tuned.” However, given his prior incorrect predictions, this message is met with skepticism. Responses to his tweet express disbelief and serve as a reminder of his previous declaration regarding the album’s release in January.

The question arises: Is DJ Akademiks once again teasing Playboi Carti’s music, and will it see the light of day before the end of 2024? For those still holding out hope, which of the potential singles are still in rotation, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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