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DJ Vlad Criticizes Taraji P. Henson Over Pay Disparity Remarks, Fans Defend Actress



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Recent revelations of unsavory behavior in the entertainment industry, such as Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous list and Taraji P. Henson shedding light on economic disparities, have sparked discussions about fairness and equality. Henson, known for her roles in projects like “The Color Purple,” has spoken out about the need for fair pay, especially for Black women in the industry. However, controversial journalist DJ Vlad has taken issue with Henson’s comments, sparking a heated debate.

During an interview with frequent guest Matt Hoffa, DJ Vlad went on a rant criticizing Taraji P. Henson for discussing pay disparities in the industry. Vlad, the founder of VladTV, expressed his dissatisfaction, stating, “Here’s the bigger problem, no one wants to hear a millionaire complain that they didn’t get more millions. You’re already a millionaire. Taraji lives in a $6 million house and she’s worth $12 million. Nobody wants to hear Vlad complain about money.”

The controversial remarks from DJ Vlad have ignited a response from Henson’s fans, who are defending the acclaimed actress and expressing their disagreement with Vlad’s perspective. One Instagram comment emphasized the inappropriate nature of a “White male opinion on Black American females’ inequalities.” Fans urged Vlad to refrain from discussing issues related to Black women and criticized his lack of sensitivity on the matter.

In response to the controversy, users expressed frustration with those who fail to understand the social and economic disparities faced by Black and Brown people. They reiterated the importance of acknowledging and addressing pay discrepancies in the entertainment industry. The comments reflect a broader sentiment of support for Taraji P. Henson’s stance on equal pay and the need for constructive discussions surrounding racial and gender inequalities.

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As the debate continues, it prompts reflections on the responsibility of individuals, especially those outside a particular community, to approach discussions about race and inequality with sensitivity and awareness.


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