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DJ Vlad Dispels Rumors of Keefe D’s Jail Assault Amid Tupac Murder Speculations



DJ Vlad Dispels Rumors of Keefe D's Jail Assault Amid Tupac Murder Speculations
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Numerous rumors have swirled around the incarceration of Keefe D, stemming from his alleged involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur. One particularly incendiary rumor set social media ablaze, suggesting that Keefe D had been assaulted and stabbed in prison. However, TMZ’s exclusive report featured DJ Vlad addressing these allegations head-on. Via a post on X, DJ Vlad sought to provide clarity, beginning with the statement, “There’s a rumor going around that Keefe D got beat up and stabbed in jail. I looked into it, and it doesn’t appear to be true.”

In response to DJ Vlad’s statement, a user on X offered their perspective on the situation. According to this individual, one of the circulating rumors indicated that Keefe D had been involved in two altercations while incarcerated. “Allegedly, he was in 2 fights, one with a hoover and the other a crip according to some YouTuber,” the person relayed. DJ Vlad, in turn, emphasized that he had conducted a thorough investigation into the matter, affirming the reliability of his sources. “I’ve now talked to multiple people close to the situation, and they all said nothing has happened to him,” Vlad clarified.

The rumors regarding Keefe D’s purported assault had spread rapidly across social media, causing significant concern and speculation among fans and followers. DJ Vlad’s involvement in the situation provided a ray of clarity and assurance to those closely monitoring the story. His extensive network of contacts within the hip-hop community lent credibility to his denial of any such incident involving

Keefe D.

It’s worth noting that the rumors regarding Keefe D being assaulted in jail may have gained traction due to a recent video clip where he admitted to being fearful of jail for his comments on the Tupac murder. However, Keefe D has openly discussed his alleged involvement in Tupac’s murder in past interviews with Vlad. While he has discussed the matter for years, the Las Vegas police finally apprehended and arrested him on September 21. He is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

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