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Drake Shows Appreciation for Early Collaborator Nickelus F



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Drake recently took a moment to acknowledge one of his early collaborators, Nickelus F, expressing his admiration for the Virginia rapper’s influence on his career.

During an interview with The Floaters, Nickelus F was asked about recent criticisms of Drake’s lyrics, to which he responded by praising Drake’s lyrical prowess, affirming that the superstar’s pen remains “sharp.”

Upon seeing the clip, Drake took to the comments section to show his appreciation for Nickelus F, calling him “forever one of my idols,” to which Nickelus responded with a prayer emoji.

In the full interview, Nickelus F delved into his history with Drake, emphasizing their shared passion for rap and their connection through music. He highlighted Drake’s skill as a rapper, acknowledging his ability to captivate audiences with his lyricism.

The collaboration between Drake and Nickelus F traces back to the MySpace era, where they connected and exchanged music online. Despite their early interactions, Nickelus F noted that some fans still cling to their early relationship, hoping to see more collaborations between the two artists.

Drake has previously credited Nickelus F for his contributions to his early career, acknowledging his talent for “finding flows” during their collaborations. Despite not fully utilizing Nickelus F on his debut mixtape Room for Improvement, Drake acknowledged his influence on his artistic development.

Their collaborations, including the “Money (Remix)” from Room for Improvement, showcase the synergy between the two artists and the lasting impact of their early partnership.

Drake’s recognition of Nickelus F serves as a testament to the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the influences that shape an artist’s journey, highlighting the enduring bond between collaborators in the music industry.

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