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Soulja Boy Offers Unusual Apology Amidst Criticism for Offensive Remarks About Blueface’s Infant Son



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Soulja Boy has responded to the backlash surrounding his explicit comments about Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s four-month-old son with a confusing apology. The “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” rapper took to social media over the weekend after facing criticism for his remarks last month, where he referred to the infant as “ugly” and used an offensive term.

Engaged in a longstanding feud with Blueface, stemming from a December dispute over a potential Verzuz battle, Soulja Boy went live to discuss the controversy. He sought opinions from his viewers on whether he should apologize to Blueface and Rock for his comments, citing their alleged comments about his children as justification.

“I just feel like a n-gga was talking about my kids first, and they ain’t gonna apologize to me for talking about my son,” he explained during the livestream. While addressing Chrisean directly, Soulja expressed a form of apology, acknowledging the situation but emphasizing that it was a response to insults he felt were directed at his family.

“I’m gonna say it like this: Chrisean, I want to apologize to you, but since your homie was talking crazy about my son, I had to talk crazy about his son. And I know he wouldn’t apologize to my baby mama for lying and talking crazy. So I would say I’m sorry that you got caught in the middle of it. We should leave that between me and him.”

Despite using the term “apology,” Soulja Boy concluded by stating, “It’s not an apology, it’s just an understanding.” He asserted that he had to be the “bigger man” due to his viral status and attractiveness.

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Soulja Boy’s initial rant occurred in late January during a social media stream, where he launched explicit insults at Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and their infant child. The rapper used vulgar language, made offensive references, and targeted the appearance of the child. The recent response, while framed as an apology, seemed more like an attempt to justify his earlier comments in the context of the ongoing feud.

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