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Emmanuel Lwasa’s Journey: From Cutting Alcohol to Family Expansion and Reflections on Love”



Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi, a former businessman turned socialite in Masaka City, has shared the reasons behind his decision to cut down on alcohol consumption. He explains that returning home drunk led to disrespect from his son, prompting him to improve his behavior for the sake of being a better parent.
Acknowledging the negative impact of his intoxicated state on family dynamics, Lwasa has experienced positive changes by reducing his time spent in bars.
In addition to his personal transformation, the father of 20 expresses his desire to further expand his family by having 10 more children, aiming for a total of 30. Lwasa also reflects on a regret in his life, mentioning his separation from former partner Desire Luzinda. He praises her faithfulness, culinary skills, and composed demeanor, acknowledging that finding someone like her again is unlikely.
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