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Family Matters” Star Darius McCrary Arrested for Child Support Non-Payment



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In a recent turn of events, Darius McCrary, best known for his role in “Family Matters,” found himself in legal trouble last month for failing to meet child support obligations. The actor was arrested on November 27 on a felony charge, allegedly owing over $50,000 in child support for his three children—two daughters and a son. Despite pleading not guilty at his arraignment, a judge set McCrary’s bond at just over $13,000, mandating the use of a GPS device.

However, according to TMZ, recent court documents reveal that McCrary remains in custody despite meeting the bail conditions. This isn’t the first time the actor has faced legal consequences for child support issues; he was arrested in 2015 for falling behind by approximately $5,000 but was released on the same day. In 2017, McCrary publicly disclosed financial struggles, citing an income of only $500 the previous year., Appoints Tanzanian Artist Manda Edward as Country Representative

In a 2020 interview with VladTV, McCrary discussed his nonprofit organization, FathersCare, dedicated to supporting fathers by providing necessary resources for effective parenting. During the conversation, he criticized the court system, asserting that it often hinders fathers from maintaining relationships with their children. McCrary emphasized the challenging road he faced in his own experiences with the system, stating, “It’s been a really ugly experience of what the court system can do to men who really want to be in their children’s lives.”

He further commented on the purpose of child support, stating, “Child support is to support the child, not failed relationships.” As the situation unfolds, concerns about McCrary’s legal troubles and the broader issues of child support and family court practices continue to generate discussion. Share your thoughts on Darius McCrary’s child support arrest in the comments below.

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