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Fast Life Yungstaz Respond to Taylor Swift’s Viral “Swag Surfin'” Moment



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Fast Life Yungstaz, the group behind the 2009 hit song “Swag Surfin’,” has shared their thoughts on the recent resurgence of their track, thanks to Taylor Swift’s viral moment at a Kansas City Chiefs game. The song gained renewed attention when Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay requested it from the sidelines, leading to Taylor Swift joining in on the dance during the game.

In a recent interview with TMZ, group members Myko McFly, Vee, and Mook, along with collaborator Ea$ton, expressed their excitement about the unexpected viral moment. Mook mentioned, “Our streams across all platforms are up 700 percent, our YouTube numbers went up, we gained 20,000 subscribers in like two weeks, man. So everything is up. It’s just been a dope thing to watch everything unfold so quickly like that.”

The group welcomed the idea of Taylor Swift hopping on a remix of “Swag Surfin’,” with Ea$ton playfully suggesting, “She gotta rap, though.” Mook added, “She gotta rap on that thing, man. Nah, that’d be dope. And then look, she could bring us out at the concerts too, man, on tour. So it’s dope, bruh. Taylor can do whatever she wanna do, man.”

Plies also took to social media to ensure Fast Life Yungstaz received credit for starting the “Swag Surfin'” trend. While acknowledging Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs for embracing the song, he emphasized the song’s origin and credited F.L.Y, Atlanta, and the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) community for birthing the phenomenon.

In an interview with HipHopDX in 2022, Run-It-Up Records founder and CEO Citi Under Siege explained the explosive impact of “Swag Surfin’.” Citi recalled hearing the song in a college bar and recognizing its potential. He made it his mission to share the song’s magic and eventually secured distribution with L.A. Reid, who declared, “We taking it Number One!”

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While “Swag Surfin'” peaked at No. 62 on the Billboard Hot 100, its enduring popularity as a Black college anthem has made it a unifying record played at various events.

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