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FBG Duck Murder Case as New Footage Emerges Amidst Guilty Verdict for O-Block Residents



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The shocking murder of FBG Duck in August 2020 sent shockwaves through Chicago’s rap community and the O-Block neighborhood. The case has continued to capture public interest, with recent revelations of new footage depicting moments before and after the incident. However, the precise details of each clip remain ambiguous, showcasing the shooting itself, the individuals involved, and their presence in the community around the time of the crime. A warning for viewer discretion is issued, particularly for the footage of the shooting, providing an up-close view of the street.

The courtroom drama reached a pivotal point as six O-Block residents were found guilty of conspiring and executing FBG Duck’s murder. This verdict marked the conclusion of extensive investigations, testimonies, conflicting narratives, and shifting loyalties. While the resolution may offer some comfort to fans of Chicago’s hip-hop scene and community members, the underlying and extensive issues persist. The hope among locals is that this verdict serves as a catalyst for change, prompting a reduction in violence within the area.

FBG Duck’s mother shared her thoughts on the verdict, expressing a sense of justice: “Yes, [I feel like they served justice]. Look, from being kicked out the courtroom three times to just allowing God to do his work. And that’s all I’ve been, is steel. When stuff like that happens to a good person, regardless of what somebody else thinks of them, it won’t go unpunished. Vengeance… I could never want another mother to feel like this. To see their child shot down in the street like a dog. Okay? They had an FBG Duck death party. That’s how it meant to them. They threw an FBG Duck death party!”

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“Same thing that makes you laugh is gonna make your a** cry,” she concluded. “That’s all I’ma say about that. Knowing that they would not do that to another family brings me comfort. Knowing they will not terrorize anybody else. They’re done, the whole crew. O-Block and everything of it is done, their a** is done.”

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