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FBI Agent Reveals Rap Blogger Paid Nearly $25K to be Informant in FBG Duck Murder Trial



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The murder trial of FBG Duck is underway, with revelations that the FBI paid rap blogger Martell Wiley, creator of the Trenches News YouTube channel, almost $25,000 to act as an informant. According to FBI Special Agent Kevin Doyle’s testimony, Wiley received approximately 15 installments totaling $24,963 for his cooperation in the investigation into the rapper’s killing.

Doyle disclosed that Wiley’s involvement officially commenced in April 2021, with claims that he had offered assistance to the Chicago Police Department just one day after the August 2020 shooting. Wiley’s role included providing background information, reviewing surveillance footage, and examining social media postings related to the case.

This week, Wiley is expected to testify in court, a development that has stirred controversy in Chicago. Initially deflecting accusations of being a “snitch” and receiving payment, Wiley later acknowledged his participation in what he described as “the trial of the century” in a video on his channel. Defense attorneys highlighted Wiley’s past as an informant over a decade ago and his association with different factions, raising questions about potential bias.

According to unsealed police documents, FBG Duck, a Gangster Disciples member, and Gakirah Barnes, a woman allegedly killed by King Von (a Black Disciples member), initiated a gang war that ultimately led to both rappers’ deaths in 2020.

The ongoing trial involves the indictment of six men connected to FBG Duck’s murder: Ralph Turpin, Charles “C Murda” Liggins, Kenneth Roberson, Tacarlos Offerd, Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, and Marcus “Muwop” Smart. Another individual, implicated in the murder but deceased before the indictment, brings the total to seven.

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The indictment further alleges that the Black Disciples offered a $60,000 bounty for FBG Duck’s killing and that King Von ordered FBG Duck’s execution before his own murder in 2020. The indictment also revealed the details of the shooting, lasting about 12 seconds, during which the assailants fired 38 times, hitting FBG Duck 16 times.

Beyond murder charges, the six men face federal racketeering charges under the RICO act, as the alleged murder-for-hire is linked to a street gang. The trial continues with developments unfolding in court.

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