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Finesse2tymes Calls Out Wack 100, Accuses Him of Feds’ Protection in Social Media Feud



Over the weekend, Finesse2tymes took to social media to publicly slam Wack 100 after the latter exposed his mother’s legal history on Instagram. In a video shared on social media, Finesse2tymes accused Wack 100 of relying on federal protection and questioned his credibility in his own neighborhood.

“Hey, Wack 100. I done been to Cali two or three times. Outside. You heard me? You can’t even go to your own hood,” Finesse asserted. “None of the rap ns. None of the street ns. I done been to your hood. You can’t even go to your own hood. Don’t none of your homies even respect you. You heard me? It’s known that you move with the feds.”

He continued by alleging that Wack 100 has federal security at various locations, including No Jumper, whenever he is present. Finesse2tymes challenged Wack’s absence from events like Rolling Loud, suggesting that he only thrives on the internet.

In response, Wack 100 took to his own social media platform, calling on J Prince to sever ties with Finesse2tymes and labeling him as a snitch. “WARNING @1finesse2tymes IS IN A DESPERATE SITUATION,” Wack wrote. “HE NEEDS TO CLEAR HIS MOMMA OF THESE CHARGES. HEY BOZO TAKE DAT 100K U HAD ON ME AND PUT IT INTO YA MOMMAS BAIL or LEGAL..STREETS I WARNED YOU @jprincerespect Still doing business with a known [rat emoji].”

Finesse2tymes responded in the comments section, seemingly mocking Wack’s approach. “Let me guess u was naked laying across the bed when u made this post,” he wrote.

The heated exchange between Finesse2tymes and Wack 100 has drawn attention from fans and followers on social media platforms. Both parties have yet to back down, with the feud continuing to escalate online.

For those interested, the entirety of the exchange between Wack 100 and Finesse2tymes is available for viewing above. Stay tuned for further developments as the feud unfolds.

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