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Finesse2tymes Faces Escalating Snitching Allegations as Social Media Buzz Intensifies



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The snitching allegations surrounding Finesse2tymes are gaining traction on social media, spurred by a recent video shared by No Jumper on Instagram. In the video, an individual claiming to be a member of the Memphis Crips asserts that the rapper provided names of associates involved in a robbery, including the speaker himself, several years ago.

Describing the situation as “real,” the man in the video mentions finding Finesse2tymes’ name in the paperwork related to the case. The response in the comments section varied, with some defending the rapper, while others made jokes at his expense. One commenter expressed skepticism, stating, “I trust any n***a talking bout jail allegations if they making a video on an android frfr.”

These snitching allegations first surfaced last year through 1090 Jake but gained renewed attention when DJ Akademiks brought them up amid his feud with Finesse2tymes. Akademiks, during a live stream, offered a monetary reward for information from the alleged victim, challenging them to share the instances where Finesse2tymes supposedly snitched.

In response to Akademiks’ claims, Finesse2tymes addressed the situation in his single “Click Bait.” In a verse, he called out Akademiks and others, rapping, “Tell The Shade Room this/Tell Say Cheese that/Tell 1090 Jake he a b***h, I’ll put 100 on Wack. Mob calls but I told you I was a don/I’m really one of them ones/Hold up, Akademiks you a bum.”

Stay tuned for further developments on the Finesse2tymes snitching accusations

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