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Usher Plans Super Bowl Halftime Show Tribute to Iconic Black Artists



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Usher reveals his intention to pay homage to legendary Black artists of the past during his upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. In an interview with Good Morning America on Friday, the Grammy-winning artist shared insights into his plans for the highly anticipated show.

Reflecting on the historical challenges faced by Black artists, Usher emphasized the significance of his performance: “I think about what our country has kind of represented for Black artists. You know, having to at some point go through kitchens to even be able to perform for an audience, but they had to leave back through that same door, fear for their lives as they went to the next state to do the same thing. So I’m coming through the front door with this one.”

Acknowledging the collective effort that contributed to his success, Usher expressed gratitude: “I didn’t start where I am now, and I didn’t get there by myself. So, everybody that has been a part of it, I’m carrying them with me. All of my fans, my loved ones, the people who may have felt like they have been forgotten, they haven’t. I’m carrying you right with me when I walk on that stage that night.”

While keeping some elements of the show under wraps, Usher teased high-profile guest appearances during the performance. In a previous statement to Extra, he mentioned collaborations with various artists, creating an atmosphere of celebration.

In conjunction with the Super Bowl show, Usher is set to release a new album titled “Coming Home.” The Super Bowl LVI will feature the Kansas City Chiefs making their fourth appearance since the 2019 season, facing off against the San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs and the 49ers previously competed in the championship in 2019, with the Chiefs emerging victorious with a 31-20 win. Stay tuned for further updates on Usher and the Super Bowl festivities.

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