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Fivio Foreign Reflects on Financial Choices After Signing Rap Deal



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In the world of hip-hop, stories of rappers facing financial woes due to past financial decisions are all too common. Many artists have shared tales of regret stemming from early career financial choices. However, some have chosen to impart their financial wisdom to prevent others from making similar mistakes. Fivio Foreign recently opened up in an interview about how he managed his early signing bonus and what he wished he had known at the time.

One of the first purchases Fivio mentions is a nearly $100,000 bulletproof truck, which he describes as the “smartest” decision he made with his money. Additionally, he admits to spending tens of thousands of dollars on chains. However, he considers his biggest mistake to be investing in renting a house instead of buying one, attributing it to his desire to quickly relocate without fully considering the financial implications.

Fans in the comments section expressed skepticism and amusement regarding Fivio’s financial choices. Some questioned his labeling of the bulletproof truck purchase as the smartest move, while others jokingly mentioned concerns about tax payments. Despite the mixed reactions, Fivio Foreign remains focused on his upcoming album release, scheduled for this weekend, without any intention of changing the date despite competition from other highly-anticipated projects.

As Fivio Foreign shares insights into his financial journey, fans and observers continue to engage in discussions about the financial responsibilities and pitfalls faced by artists in the music industry.

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