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Business’s Feeding Programme Battles Food Poverty in Kampala’s Slums – Urgent Call for Support



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We extend our heartfelt plea on behalf of, urging compassionate individuals to join hands and support our impactful Feeding Programme dedicated to alleviating food poverty in the slums of Kampala. This initiative is designed to provide nutritious meals for children and their families, fostering improved health, economic relief, and overall well-being.

Background: Our Feeding Projects commenced in 2019 as an integral part of daily education classes for children aged 3-6 in three slum communities: Katanga, Kimumbasa, and Nakulabye. Recognizing the prevalence of undernourishment and health issues among these young learners, we introduced free nutritious meals and snacks. The initiative emerged from the observation that many children faced challenges in active participation due to fatigue resulting from insufficient food.

What We Do:

  1. Feeding Children: Our primary focus is on providing nutritious daily meals, ensuring vulnerable children receive proper nutrition. This contributes to improved health, disease resistance, enhanced concentration, behavior, and progress in learning.
  2. Food Packages: In response to the economic impacts of the pandemic, we introduced food parcels containing enough local produce to prepare 100 meals. To date, we have distributed 2 million food parcels to 32,498 households, preventing hunger for thousands of people.

Context: Residents in Kampala’s slums primarily rely on low-paid, informal, and unskilled labor. The aftermath of pandemic-related lockdowns has exacerbated economic challenges, resulting in increased food prices and heightened vulnerability. Families often find themselves uncertain about the source of their next meal.

Our Impact: Since 2019, our Feeding Programme has provided an astounding 45 million meals to hungry and vulnerable families and children. This approach not only addresses short-term relief but also empowers communities through long-term initiatives focused on education, protection, and skill development.

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Male Deogratius’s Story: Male, one of our beneficiaries, expressed deep gratitude, emphasizing the transformative impact of food parcels on her life. We firmly believe that every child deserves access to healthy, nutritious food, and every parent should have the assurance of where their next meal is coming from.

How You Can Help: Your support is pivotal in ensuring that vulnerable and undernourished children receive hot, nutritious meals through our daily feeding project. A contribution of just 1 USD can make a significant difference in the life of a child.

Next Steps: An independent evaluation in 2022 affirmed the effectiveness of our Feeding Project. Looking ahead, we plan to collaborate with local efforts, NGOs, and focus on addressing root causes of food insecurity. Our goal is to sustain progress and results over time, extending our impact beyond the limitations of funded projects.

Your donation holds the power to bring about significant positive change in the lives of these children and families. We invite you to contribute to our Feeding Programme, becoming an integral part of the transformation happening in Kampala’s slums.

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