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Immigration Officer Kasumba Under Investigation for Alleged Homosexual Activities



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An immigration officer from the Ministry of Internal Affairs is currently under scrutiny for his alleged involvement in prohibited acts of homosexuality.

Reliable sources within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, choosing to remain anonymous, have disclosed to this publication that Richard Kasumba, the immigration officer under investigation, has reportedly been participating in homosexual activities for an extended period, contravening the laws of Uganda.

The prevailing Penal Code Act explicitly prohibits any form of sexual relations between individuals of the same sex. Section 145 of the Penal Code Act cap 120 specifically criminalizes unnatural offences, defined as any sexual acts against the order of nature, carrying a potential maximum sentence of life imprisonment upon conviction.

Our investigations reveal that Richard Kasumba has been reassigned to the immigration offices in Ngomoromo while his case is under examination by the Human Resource office in collaboration with officers from the Internal Security Organization (ISO).

Sources indicate that Kasumba is accused of enticing his male colleagues into engaging in homosexual acts, prompting concerned colleagues with a sense of responsibility to report the matter to relevant authorities. Subsequently, an investigation committee has been established to delve into the allegations.

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