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Infrastructure Oversight and Educational Vision: President Museveni’s Directives Amid Independence Celebrations”



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President Museveni inspected a guard of honor during the Golden Jubilee Independence ceremony in Kampala.At the 38th NRM/A Victory Day anniversary in Jinja, the President directed Transport Minister Gen Katumba Wamala to investigate the deteriorating state of Mukono Katosi Nyenga Road, which has developed potholes just two years after construction.
Expressing concern about the substandard work, President Museveni mentioned being informed by locals about the road’s sorry state. He emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the matter. During the event, he stated, “I want Gen Katuba to check that road and find out what happened because we have just finished construction.”
Additionally, the President disclosed plans for a new government campaign to educate children from low-income families. This initiative aims to provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged youngsters. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Building a country we all shall cherish,” reflecting the commitment to national development and unity.

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