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J. Cole and Wale Reunite to Celebrate Manager’s 40th Birthday



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J. Cole and Wale recently came together to celebrate the 40th birthday of their longtime manager, Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad. The reunion was captured in a post on Hamad’s Instagram page, featuring photos from the memorable night where Cole and Wale posed for a picture together.

Expressing gratitude for the birthday wishes and the heartfelt celebrations, Hamad thanked everyone who joined in to make his milestone birthday special. In his Instagram caption, he reflected on the immense love and support he has received from his family and friends over the years, making it a cherished memory he will never forget.

In a separate video shared from the event, J. Cole raised a toast to Hamad, expressing love and appreciation for their enduring friendship. Keeping his message brief yet heartfelt, Cole wished Hamad a happy 40th birthday, acknowledging the significance of the milestone.

The bond between J. Cole and Wale runs deep, with a history of collaboration dating back to 2009 when they worked together on tracks like “Rather Be With You (Vagina Is for Lovers)” and “Beautiful Bliss.” Their most recent collaboration was on Wale’s album “Folarin 2,” with the track “Poke It Out” released in 2021.

Their friendship and professional relationship have been referenced in Cole’s music, notably on the track “False Prophets” in 2016, where Cole rapped about Wale’s aspirations and struggles in the industry.

As fans reminisce about their past collaborations and celebrate Ib’s milestone birthday, they eagerly anticipate future projects and collaborations from J. Cole and Wale. Keep an eye out for further updates on their endeavors

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