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Shanna Moakler Sparks Controversy with Claims of Kim Kardashian’s Role in Her Marriage Drama with Travis Barker



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Celebrity relationships often unfold like a gripping drama, and the recent revelations by Shanna Moakler have once again thrust the complicated dynamics between her ex-husband, Travis Barker, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian into the spotlight. Moakler’s claims have sparked questions about the authenticity of her accusations and the truth behind the alleged involvement of Kardashian in the breakdown of her marriage.

In a recent episode of the “Dumb Blonde” podcast, Moakler disclosed that she and Barker were in the midst of repairing their relationship when she received anonymous text messages containing exchanges between Barker and Kardashian. These messages hinted at plans for an intimate meeting at Kardashian’s sister’s house. Moakler confronted Barker about the texts, claiming that he deleted them. She further asserted that when she reached out to Kardashian, the reality star denied any affair and made a racially insensitive comment about her dating preferences.

“They were trying to meet up at her sister’s house to f–k,” Moakler revealed on the show. Additionally, she stated that when she called Kardashian, the latter allegedly said, “I don’t like white guys,” denying any involvement.

Moakler and Barker’s relationship has been marked by ups and downs, and Moakler firmly believes that Kardashian played a substantial role in their eventual separation. Discussing their breakup, Moakler emphasized that she and the drummer “never recovered” from the drama involving Kardashian, which significantly contributed to their split.

Travis Barker has addressed rumors about his relationship with Kardashian in the past, vehemently denying any physical involvement beyond casual outings in his 2015 memoir. Barker maintained that their interactions were purely platonic, consisting of dinners and lunches. Since then, Barker has moved on and is now married to Kourtney Kardashian, Kim’s sister.

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Moakler, however, seems less than thrilled about Barker’s 2022 marriage. Despite previously expressing support, she shared her sentiments on the situation in the podcast episode. “When Travis got with Kourtney, there was some parental alienation going on there, where Travis — even when we weren’t together — always wanted to be the ‘super dad,’” she disclosed. “‘I’m the best parent,’ ‘I’m the this and that.’”

Expressing her frustration, Moakler stated, “I’m tired of people shitting on me. I don’t have to like that fing family. There are people that don’t like that family, don’t watch that fing show, and don’t give a f*** what Kim Kardashian is doing with her ass.”

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