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Bonnie Lashay Sparks Drama in No Jumper Interview, Accusing Chrisean Rock and Makeup Artist of Disrespect



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It’s no secret that Blueface and Chrisean Rock have their fair share of differences, and it looks like his ex and the Baddies star’s makeup artist do too. Bonnie Lashay, who briefly dated the rapper and appeared on Blue Girls Club, recently sat down with No Jumper’s Sharp for an interview. She had a lot to say about Chrisean, accusing her of dissing her son, and more. This prompted an unexpected guest to chime in, and things went south from there.

“Why are you interrupting my interview?” Lashay asked, as a woman on set continued to deny her claims about Chrisean. “Because I’m Chrisean’s makeup artist,” she explained, “I’ve been doing her makeup.” Things proceeded to ramp up, with Chrisean’s makeup artist stepping towards Lashay.

The two women went at it, and Lashay ripped the makeup artist’s wig off. Luckily, there were crew members at the ready to separate them before things got too ugly. The interview continued despite the incident, and Lashay wasn’t finished with her comments about Chrisean. “You know what? Chrisean has been like having her fans and people come after me,” she claimed. “She actually tried to tell Zeus to not work with me, like weird sh*t. I’m trying to go on Baddies, I’m trying to do my own TV show, I’m trying to pop up, you feel me? And she’s trying to like, stop my blessings.”

Of course, this is far from the only drama in the world of Chrisean Rock and Blueface. Yesterday, the rapper’s mother confirmed that he’s turned himself in for reportedly violating his probation. Amid chatter surrounding his arrest, Chrisean took to Twitter to share some vague sad Tweets. What do you think of Bonnie Lashay talking about Chrisean Rock during her No Jumper interview? What about the Baddies star’s makeup artist going after her? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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