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Erick Sermon Reveals How Working with Dr. Dre Transformed His Music-Making Process



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In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Erick Sermon opened up about his transformative experience working with Dr. Dre, shedding light on how it changed his approach to making music. Recounting his studio session with the legendary producer, Sermon revealed that it was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

The collaboration took place in Malibu, where Sermon found himself quickly immersed in Dre’s unique workflow. Within a single night, they churned out multiple records, a pace that amazed those present in the studio. Sermon recalled Dre’s unconventional method of creating music, which involved no pen and paper.

Instead of writing lyrics, Dre focused on crafting cadences, with the team improvising rhymes on the spot. Sermon described how Dre would lay down a cadence, and then they would collectively generate rhymes that fit the flow. This collaborative approach, devoid of traditional writing, was a revelation for Sermon, who found it both liberating and effective.

The process challenged Sermon to think differently about his craft, prompting him to abandon his usual method of writing rhymes. He marveled at the level of precision and creativity achieved through Dre’s technique, emphasizing the collaborative energy in the studio.

Reflecting on his verse crafted under Dre’s guidance, Sermon expressed pride in its quality, attributing its success to the collaborative process. The experience left an indelible mark on Sermon, reshaping his perspective on music production and prompting him to explore new avenues of creativity.

Known for his contributions to hip-hop as part of the group EPMD and his prolific production work, Sermon’s encounter with Dre offered him invaluable insights and inspiration. Fans can anticipate further developments in Sermon’s music journey as he continues to evolve as an artist.

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