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DJ Khaled Gets Security Guards to Carry Him to Protect Sneakers from Dirt



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For decades, rap artists have showcased their love for stylish footwear, and DJ Khaled is no exception. Known for his elaborate shoe collection, Khaled recently provided fans with a glimpse behind the scenes of his extensive sneaker wardrobe. During a performance in Miami over the weekend, Khaled went to great lengths to ensure his footwear remained in pristine condition.

In a video shared just before the show, Khaled demonstrated his commitment to preserving his shoes’ immaculate appearance. As he exited his car to make his way to the stage, he faced the challenge of keeping his shoes off the ground. Opting for a unique solution, Khaled enlisted the help of two of his security guards to carry him.

In the amusing video, Khaled is lifted by his two sizable security guards, while he elevates his legs to avoid any contact with the ground. The lighthearted moment evoked memories of a similar incident involving Jack Harlow, who also required security assistance at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. While some sneaker enthusiasts in the comments admired Khaled’s dedication to keeping his shoes clean, many couldn’t help but chuckle at his unconventional approach.

DJ Khaled is known for generating attention not only for his music but also for his playful antics. Earlier this month, a video circulated online showing Khaled being pulled over by a cop while riding a golf cart. Though details about the incident are scarce, it added to Khaled’s repertoire of viral moments.

Amidst his entertaining escapades, Khaled has been teasing the release of a new album since last year. The album’s lead single, featuring a star-studded lineup, has garnered excitement from fans eagerly anticipating the full project.

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What are your thoughts on DJ Khaled’s method of protecting his shoes from dirt? Would you employ a similar strategy in his shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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