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J.I.D. Shares Insights on the Creation of “30 (Freestyle)” and J. Cole’s Mentorship



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Dreamville artist J.I.D. made a strong start to the year with the release of his latest freestyle, “30 (Freestyle),” offering a glimpse into his growth and artistic process. In a recent interview on Angela Yee’s Way Up radio show on January 11, J.I.D. delved into the details of crafting the track, highlighting the significant influence of his label boss, J. Cole.

During the conversation, J.I.D. discussed his intentional approach to treating the freestyle as a practice repetition, a technique he learned from J. Cole. Describing it as more than just another song, he emphasized the importance of consistently refining one’s skills, a principle instilled in him through Cole’s mentorship.

The interview shed light on the enduring impact of the lessons J.I.D. absorbed from J. Cole over the years. It showcased a unique mentor-mentee dynamic that goes beyond the typical label relationship, revealing a profound artistic camaraderie and a shared commitment to continuous improvement.

Moreover, J.I.D. detailed the departure from traditional songwriting methods in creating the freestyle. He explained the process of continuous flow, encouraging spontaneity and avoiding overthinking, fostering an environment for organic creativity.

As readers explore the conversation, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy that shaped “30 (Freestyle).” J.I.D.’s dedication to constant improvement, coupled with J. Cole’s mentorship, exemplifies the synergy between skill development and artistic exploration, reinforcing Dreamville’s impact as a powerhouse shaping the hip-hop landscape.

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