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Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Insights on Acceptance and Lasting Love in Latest Interview



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Jada Pinkett Smith recently opened up about the current state of her marriage with Will Smith, emphasizing a stage of acceptance and mutual understanding. During an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show this Tuesday, she shed light on the journey their relationship has undergone, especially following the revelation earlier this year that they had been secretly separated for years.

In the interview, Jada expressed, “I think that one of those next stages in relationships is when you really learn how to accept yourself fully, you really learn how to accept your partner fully as well.” Noted by Decider, she discussed her personal growth, learning to embrace both herself and Will, stating, “That’s been a journey all in itself.” Jada emphasized that she has learned to “love Will as he is” and appreciates the acceptance they’ve found in each other, declaring, “We’re staying together forever.”

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The initial disclosure of the marital rift occurred when Jada addressed the infamous Oscars slap involving Will. She revealed that the moment made her realize the depth of their connection, saying, “I didn’t come into this place as your wife, but I’m leaving here as your wife because we got a storm we’re going to have to deal with together. I am not gonna leave your side.” This candid admission highlighted a significant shift in their relationship dynamics.

As Jada Pinkett Smith shares reflections on acceptance and enduring love, the interview on The Drew Barrymore Show touches on various aspects of her life, including her new book, experiences with trauma, and her relationship with her children. Stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing journey of Jada and Will’s marriage.

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