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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Continue Coparenting at Son’s Basketball Game



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Despite their differences, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian demonstrated their commitment to coparenting by attending their son Saint’s basketball game in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 19). While Kim accompanied their daughter Chicago, Kanye appeared unaccompanied in new pictures obtained by TMZ. Although Chicago had a moment to speak to her father and share a laugh, she and Kim sat a few empty seats apart from him during their time together.

Maintaining this coparenting partnership is undoubtedly challenging, given the numerous issues between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the years. In a recent interview with GQ, Kim emphasized the importance of talking through the divorce process with their children, making them a priority. “Ultimately, what matters is that kids feel loved and heard,” expressed the 43-year-old. She highlighted the need to be sensitive to the children’s emotions and to communicate on a level they can understand, avoiding negativity.

Kanye West’s controversial actions and often contentious suggestions have added complexity to the coparenting process. Despite publicized interpersonal rifts, the 46-year-old seems to maintain a positive relationship with his children, as evidenced by their joint appearances at events like Saint’s basketball game. Notably, North West is featured on Kanye’s new album, indicating a continued connection.

In other family news, their daughter Chicago recently celebrated her birthday with a Bratz-themed party organized by her mother. Despite ongoing issues, the family continues to show support for each other, except historically in the case of Kim and Kanye. Hopefully, as the Yeezy mogul works towards personal growth, they can eventually provide full support to each other. For more updates on the West-Kardashian family, refer to the “Via” link below.

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