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Kanye West Reflects on His Relationship with Faith in Candid Interview with Ty Dolla $ign and Big Boy



Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s recent interview with Big Boy delved into various aspects of their collaborative project “VULTURES,” but one particularly intriguing moment arose when Kanye shared his thoughts on his current relationship with his religious faith.

Addressing the topic, Kanye acknowledged the pivotal role faith has played in his music over the years but expressed some reservations about his personal experiences with Jesus. He candidly discussed moments of struggle and questioning, revealing that he often felt let down when prayers seemingly went unanswered.

“Despite my faith, there have been times when I felt abandoned,” Kanye admitted, reflecting on challenges he faced and the need to take control of his own life experiences. He emphasized the importance of action over passive reliance on prayer, advocating for tangible efforts to address societal issues rather than solely relying on spiritual intervention.

Kanye lamented what he perceived as a passive approach within Christian communities, where prayers were often offered as the sole solution to complex problems. He emphasized the need for proactive engagement and collaboration to effect meaningful change, citing examples of activism and partnership as powerful catalysts for progress.

In a poignant moment, Kanye highlighted the impact of unity and action, citing his alignment with Kyrie Irving as a demonstration of collective power. However, he also acknowledged the challenges and threats faced along the way, underscoring the necessity of resilience and self-reliance in navigating adversity.

As Kanye West continues to navigate his spiritual journey amidst his multifaceted career, his reflections offer a glimpse into the complexities of faith and personal growth.

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