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Kanye West Stirs Controversy by Appointing Gosha Rubchinskiy, Facing Past Allegations, as Yeezy’s New Head of Design



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Kanye West has announced the impending release of a new album, “Vultures,” with Ty Dolla Sign this Friday, positioning it as one of the last major album drops of the year. However, concerns are rising about the potential chaos surrounding the project, with Kanye West still embracing provocative themes, leaving fans disheartened. The rapper seems to be courting shock value, evident in his latest move of appointing Gosha Rubchinskiy as the new Head of Design for his Yeezy brand.

Taking to Twitter for the first time in months, Kanye West shared that Gosha Rubchinskiy, a prominent figure in the design world, would take the helm at Yeezy. Despite Rubchinskiy’s stature, recent allegations of soliciting photos from a 16-year-old forced him into a kind of exile. While he denies any wrongdoing, the hiring decision has sparked criticism from some fans who find it controversial. Nevertheless, Gosha Rubchinskiy expressed his enthusiasm for the new role on his Instagram account.

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“We’re delighted to introduce the new direction of the Gosha Rubchinskiy fashion brand as an independent creative powerhouse,” Rubchinskiy shared. “Stepping away from the Comme des Garçons and Rassvet family, our brand is forging its own path. Under Gosha’s creative leadership, we are set to embrace exciting new projects and collaborations that embody our spirit of independence and creative drive. We’re thankful for the continuous support from our community that fuels our journey.”

The move raises questions about the future of Yeezy under Gosha’s leadership, considering the brand’s hiatus from selling shoes and merchandise. Fans are encouraged to share their thoughts on this controversial hiring in the comments section.

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