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Kanye West Unintentionally Reveals Vultures 2 Release Date to Baby Keem Fan



Kanye West’s anticipated album, Vultures 2, has seen another delay, leaving fans eager for its release. Initially slated for March 8 as per Ye’s announcement earlier this year, the album failed to materialize on schedule, disappointing listeners who were anticipating its arrival.

However, a recent exchange of direct messages, believed to be between Kanye West and a Baby Keem fan page, shed light on the new release date. In the screenshots, Ye responds to inquiries about the album’s status, mistakenly assuming he is conversing with Baby Keem himself. He reveals that Vultures 2 is now set to drop on May 3, a significant delay from its original projection.

Despite the unconventional means of disclosure, fans welcomed the clarity on the album’s release date. However, the extended wait may dampen some listeners’ excitement, especially considering Ye’s recent assurance that the project was nearing completion.

Nonetheless, Kanye West’s inadvertent revelation has sparked anticipation among fans, who remain eager to finally experience Vultures 2. While the delay may come as a disappointment to some, supporters are grateful for any updates on the album’s progress.

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s accidental reveal of Vultures 2’s release date to a Baby Keem fan? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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