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Kanye West’s Yeezy HQ Graffitied and Homeless Camps Emerge Amidst Creative Hiatus



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In a recent episode of her reality series, Kim Kardashian hinted at Kanye West’s modest living situation post-divorce, suggesting he may have become more humble over time. While his family’s massive compound doesn’t attract his kids as much as his smaller apartment, it seems another space in his life has undergone changes. Reports indicate graffiti now adorns the exterior of his Los Angeles Yeezy Headquarters, with nearby homeless individuals setting up tents.

Yeezy HQ, known for hosting secret fashion events, Sunday Service performances, and private movie nights, was a multi-purpose venue rather than a store. It served as part of West’s fashion brand relaunch efforts alongside American Apparel founder Dov Charney. Although West continues to pay rent on the building, sources reveal that it now contains mostly “unfinished wooden structures and debris.” Some employees still use the space, but it appears to be in a state of transition.

Known for his intense creative focus, West has temporarily shifted his attention from fashion to his highly anticipated album with Ty Dolla Sign. Amidst speculation about the project’s status, the R&B star confirmed that the joint LP is “coming real soon.” West’s dynamic approach to his various ventures continues to keep fans intrigued about what’s next for the influential artist.

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