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Keke Palmer Takes Legal Action Against Ex, Alleges Abuse and Seeks Sole Custody



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Navigating life in the public eye, Keke Palmer has consistently shared the highs and lows with her followers. After publicly embracing her relationship with Darius Jackson last year and announcing their impending parenthood, joy turned to turmoil as Palmer filed for sole custody and a restraining order against Jackson earlier this month.

In court documents, Palmer presented evidence of alleged abuse, including footage from her home security system capturing instances of physical altercations. The judge granted her request, highlighting the severity of the situation. According to Palmer, the strain on their relationship stemmed from Jackson’s intense jealousy, leading to verbal abuse and accusations of infidelity.

Palmer detailed incidents where simple interactions at social events triggered outbursts, with Jackson storming off in rage and resorting to derogatory language. Additionally, she claimed that he endangered her safety by nearly hitting her with his car while leaving her residence after an assault.

Scheduled for a court appearance on December 5th, Palmer and Jackson will address the custody battle. Meanwhile, Jackson attempted to sway public opinion by leaking audio of a phone call with Palmer’s mother, Sharon. However, Sharon is now considering pressing charges against Jackson for violating California’s consent laws.

The legal proceedings shed light on the challenges Palmer faces in her personal life, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues of abuse and ensuring the safety of her child, Leodis.

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