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Kendrick Lamar Targeted by Twitter/X Bots, Fans Speculate Drake’s Involvement



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Last summer, Pusha T found himself inundated with a barrage of bizarre posts on Twitter/X, courtesy of bots. These posts included peculiar claims, altered images, and more. Fans quickly began to speculate about the source of the attack, with many fingers pointing towards Drake due to their ongoing feud and the presence of Drake-related hashtags in some posts.

Now, another artist has become the target of similar bot attacks on the platform: Kendrick Lamar. Twitter/X is currently flooded with countless outlandish posts about the acclaimed rapper, ranging from wild conspiracy theories to mundane observations like “Kendrick Lamar has an iPhone 6 with the screen cracked.”

While none of these claims are substantiated, and Drake’s involvement remains unconfirmed, fans are convinced of a connection. This speculation is fueled by Kendrick’s recent diss aimed at both Drake and J. Cole in his collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin on the track “Like That.” Despite Drake’s silence on the diss, anticipation is high for his response, especially considering his upcoming appearance on Bfb Da Packman’s album with a track titled “Olympic S*** Talkin.”

Furthermore, rumors suggest that Kendrick may have a diss track aimed at Drake ready to go, particularly following streamer Adin Ross’s hints about Kendrick’s explosive verse on “We Don’t Trust You.” However, Kendrick has yet to address these rumors publicly.

What do you make of Kendrick Lamar fans speculating that Drake is behind the recent bot attacks? Do you think their suspicions hold weight, or is it merely conjecture? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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