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Kenya : Manhunt Launched by Police After a Shocking Robbery and Gang Rape Incident in Nyamira County



Police have initiated a widespread search for ten men allegedly involved in a bold robbery and gang rape incident that has left residents of Nyamira County stunned.

In an announcement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on November 2, 2023, it was revealed that among the victims were a female Member of the County Assembly (MCA) and a minister from Nyamira County.

Nyamira County boasts three female County Ministers: Dr. Grace Nyamongo for Gender, Youth, Sports Culture, and Social Services; Alice Manoti for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries; and Emilly Moraa Ongaga for Finance, ICT, & Economic Planning. However, the police have not disclosed which of the three ministers was subject to the gang rape.

The victims of the heinous incident also included a school principal and a police officer, who fell prey to the gang’s attack on October 23.

Law enforcement officers have arrested one suspect in connection with the crime and are poised to interrogate him to assist in the ongoing investigations while actively pursuing the remaining suspects.

According to the agency’s report, the gang besieged a household for nearly seven hours. “After subduing the victims with beatings and death threats, armed with a pistol, machetes, and other crude weapons, the gang took turns assaulting three women before absconding with their plunder, inflicting unimaginable terror and trauma on the hostages over seven hours,” read the statement.

The harrowing incident transpired from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. on the unfortunate night. Subsequent to the report, security agencies in the county were immediately mobilized, and an investigation commenced on October 24. The sexually abused victims received medical attention in various county hospitals, and samples were collected for forensic analysis.

In addition to the physical assault and sexual violence, the gang also made off with various mobile phones and more than Ksh130,000 in cash. The perpetrators seized an undisclosed number of ATM cards, utilizing them to withdraw funds from the victims’ bank accounts. Although the exact sum withdrawn remains unspecified, police estimate it to be within the range of hundreds of thousands.

The DCI emphasized their investigative efforts, stating, “Crime research detectives and crime scene support teams processed the scene for critical leads. The investigating team identified a suspected ringleader at the scene, eventually tracking him down in Kondele, Kisumu County. The suspect underwent an identification parade in Nyamira County HQS, where the victims positively recognized him, leading to a request for his detention for further interrogation.”

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