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Key Glock’s Instagram Live Arrest Stirs Debate Over Social Media Use During Police Encounters



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Key Glock found himself in a confrontation with law enforcement earlier this week in Atlanta, and he decided to share the encounter with his Instagram followers. According to reports, the rapper was pulled over by police for having tinted windows on March 28th. During the stop, officers proceeded to search his vehicle and discovered firearms, as well as an associate with outstanding warrants. Additionally, a small amount of marijuana was found in the car.

In footage captured from the arrest, Key Glock and his associate can be seen seated in the back of a police car while an officer informs them of their arrest. Atlanta PD issued a statement confirming the arrest, stating, “Cathey was arrested on March 28th during a traffic stop… for an out of jurisdiction arrest warrant and possession of marijuana.” The official report detailing the arrest is still pending completion.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Key Glock is still in custody. However, his fans express confidence that he will be released soon if he is indeed detained. This incident is not the first time a rapper has broadcasted their arrest on social media. In July, Lil Tjay was detained by police in New York City during an Instagram Live session, and Stunna 4 Vegas also went live on Instagram while being detained in February.

The use of social media during such encounters raises questions about privacy, legality, and the impact on an artist’s image. What are your thoughts on Key Glock’s decision to broadcast his arrest on Instagram Live? Are you surprised by his actions? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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