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Killer Mike Sweeps Hip-Hop Grammys, Responds to Criticism with Humor



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Killer Mike is basking in the glow of a triumphant week after securing a remarkable sweep of hip-hop Grammys at the 2024 ceremony. His latest album, MICHAEL, clinched the prestigious award for Best Rap Album of the year, while its standout track, “Scientists & Engineers,” featuring Future, Andre 3000, and Eryn Allen Kane, scooped up two additional Grammys for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

However, amid his accolades, Killer Mike faced backlash from fans of other nominated rappers, particularly from Nicki Minaj’s Barbs. Tensions flared when the official Grammys Twitter account erroneously tweeted about Nicki’s “Barbie World” winning an award, prompting some fans to redirect their frustration towards Killer Mike for his actual wins. Travis Scott’s fanbase also expressed disappointment as his album, UTOPIA, lost to Killer Mike’s MICHAEL for Best Rap Album.

One fervent Travis Scott supporter, streamer Kai Cenat, unleashed a viral rant targeting Killer Mike. In response, Killer Mike took the high road, thanking Kai for the acknowledgment and injecting humor into his retort. “I wanna come to the room, I wanna bring you a broom,” quipped Mike, referencing his viral acceptance speech where he humorously referred to his Grammy wins as a “sweep.”

Adding an unexpected twist to his Grammy triumph, Killer Mike was briefly detained following the awards ceremony. Videos circulated online showing him being led away in handcuffs, causing concern among fans. However, he was swiftly released, allowing him to resume celebrating his trio of victories.

Killer Mike’s lighthearted response to Kai Cenat’s criticism showcases his ability to handle backlash with grace and humor. As he continues to ride the wave of his Grammy success, fans eagerly await what’s next for the esteemed rapper.

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