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Kisaakye Ivan Vows Comprehensive Change and Growth in Uganda’s Upcoming Elections



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In February 2026, Ugandans are gearing up for the forthcoming electoral process to exercise their democratic rights, marking the seventh successive general election since 1996. This critical event allows citizens to select their representatives across all levels of governance.

Kisaakye Ivan, a prominent figure in the upcoming elections, pledges to actualize the aspirations of Ugandans, both within the country and those abroad. His primary focus is on significantly enhancing the standard of living for all Ugandan citizens. He aims to build a robust foundation that will guide the economy toward social transformation and self-sustaining growth.

Expressing his commitment to robust leadership, Ivan aims to foster and further nurture democracy, aiming for its full maturity. He envisions a Uganda where anyone, regardless of background, can aspire to lead.

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“We are engaged in a significant endeavor to achieve our collective goals. Despite potential challenges, we see numerous favorable developments and prospects on the horizon. We have devised specific strategies that have generated excitement and satisfaction among the entire Ugandan population,” states Kisaakye Ivan.

His plans extend to generating employment opportunities for the youth and empowering them for self-employment, focusing on developing Uganda. This initiative commences with a comprehensive focus on the education sector, under the theme “A NEW DAWN FOR UGANDA – Change Starts With You,” as outlined in his manifesto.

Moreover, Kisaakye emphasizes the vital role of the media community, which has a history of achieving objectives and securing the nation’s future. He requests the support of Ugandans, citing the media community’s competence and its strategic approach to ensuring a secure future.

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Kisaakye Ivan’s Background:

Kisaakye Ivan was born in 1992 to the late Karim Magezi and Princess Harriet Musoke Nnajuko Magezi. Raised by his mother after his father’s passing, Kisaakye is the fourth of ten siblings.

His educational journey faced financial challenges, leading to temporary interruptions. However, through persistence and adult education, he completed his formal education, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Makerere University.

Beyond academia, Kisaakye delved into music, business, and the media industry, working with various TV and radio stations. His career path culminated in a deep engagement with the diverse populace across Uganda.

Married to Brendah Naiga Kisaakye, with whom he has a son named Kisaakye Ivan David, Kisaakye draws on his experiences and interactions as he ventures into the realm of public service, declaring his candidacy for the Ugandan presidency from 2026 to 2031. His decision is driven by a dedicated commitment to tackle the nation’s challenges and instigate positive transformations for the betterment of Uganda.

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