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Kodak Black Faces Potential Resumption of Previously Commuted Sentence After Recent Arrest



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The intertwining of politics and hip-hop during the Trump era led to intriguing moments, including the high-profile pressure from the hip-hop community to persuade Trump to commute Kodak Black’s sentence. However, recent legal troubles might jeopardize the rapper’s freedom once again. Last month, Kodak Black faced arrest after being found in his car with signs of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. This incident has led to a series of charges, primarily centered on cocaine possession, resulting in his incarceration.

Despite Trump’s previous commutation of Kodak’s sentence, recent events may alter his fate. The rapper’s lawyers sought a 90-day drug treatment program to address his addiction issues, but the judge swiftly rejected this proposal, citing Kodak as a “danger to the community.” A hearing on January 22 will determine whether Kodak Black will have to serve the previously commuted sentence or if alternative measures will be considered.

In response to the charges, Kodak’s legal team contested the cocaine accusations, asserting that the substance in question was Percocets. Nevertheless, the judge has maintained the original charges and remains unconvinced about allowing the rapper to enter a drug treatment program.

Kodak Black’s last album, “When I Was Dead,” released in November of the previous year, featured the hit song “Lemme See,” amassing over 8 million streams on Spotify. As the January 22 hearing approaches, uncertainty looms over Kodak Black’s legal situation, prompting discussions about the potential consequences of a resumed sentence. Share your thoughts on Kodak Black’s situation and the possibility of serving a commuted sentence four years later in the comment section below.

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