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Kylie Jenner’s KHY Label Faces Backlash: Try-On Haul Exposes Quality Concerns, Labelled ‘Cheap & Ill-Fitting



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Kylie Jenner, known for her entrepreneurial ventures alongside her iconic status, faced a storm of criticism with the release of her KHY collection, as a recent YouTube try-on haul exposed a myriad of quality issues. The video, spreading like wildfire across social media platforms, revealed a range of products that fell short of promised luxury, leaving buyers disappointed and raising serious doubts about the brand’s integrity.

The viral video, uploaded by an influencer, dissected the KHY collection, shedding light on the discrepancy between the advertised promises and the actual products received. From ill-fitting pants resembling “ripped car upholstery” to coats resembling oversized trash bags, the video showcased a stark contrast between the expected ‘affordable luxury’ and the disappointing reality of the KHY line.

The Try-On Haul laid bare the quality concerns, pointing out that the products were far from the proclaimed standard of luxury. Reviewers criticized the brand’s attempt to charge $200 for items that seemed to lack the quality and fit one would expect, even drawing comparisons to lower-tier fashion outlets like Shein and Boohoo.

Criticism was not solely directed at the product itself, but also at the business strategy, with allegations that KHY might have resorted to rebranding existing, lower-quality items and passing them off as a part of the luxury collection.

The influencer highlighted the irony in the KHY line being marketed as ‘affordable luxury’ while lacking the essential elements of quality design and fabric. The video further questioned the brand’s integrity, calling out the association of Emma Gird, expressing disappointment that she would attach her name to such products.

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This expose stirred a tidal wave of reactions, echoing across social media platforms, with many echoing their disappointment and advising others to steer clear of the KHY collection. While Kylie Jenner has been adept at leveraging her image to sell products, this misstep has led to a dent in the trust and credibility associated with her brand.

With the uproar gaining momentum, questions linger about the future of KHY and its potential impact on Kylie Jenner’s brand as a whole. As consumers rethink their association with the label, the fallout from this expose has illuminated the hazards of prioritizing profit over product quality.

In the wake of this viral expose, the fate of KHY remains uncertain. Time will tell whether this publicized failure becomes a mere hiccup or a lasting stain on the brand’s reputation.

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