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Latto Joins Forces with Jennifer Lopez for Sizzling “Can’t Get Enough” Remix



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Latto, the self-proclaimed “girls girl,” continues to broaden her musical horizons with yet another high-profile collaboration. In her latest release, the Atlanta-based artist hopped on the remix of Jennifer Lopez’s “Can’t Get Enough,” delivering a visually stunning accompaniment to the sultry track. In her verse, Latto confidently declares, “Call the doctor, I don’t see nobody but you / Do I still love you? Baby, is the sky blue? / Spoil a b**ch down and he faithful to me too,” emphasizing her standards for love and beyond.

As reported by People, the “Put It On Da Floor” hitmaker expressed her excitement at working with someone as legendary as Jennifer Lopez. With Lopez’s extensive discography, film credits, and forays into the fashion/beauty industry, the collaboration adds another noteworthy entry to Latto’s impressive list, which already includes joint tracks with Cardi B and Mariah Carey. However, some social media users have expressed dissatisfaction with the newly released remix.

Latto Responds to Criticism

One listener, unimpressed with the “Can’t Get Enough (Remix),” took to Twitter/X, stating, “Love Latto to death, but who is making these decisions? 🫤.” Latto wasted no time firing back at the post, responding, “Girl, I got a call that THEE Jennifer Lopez wanted to do a song with me? I made the decision, just like you would too. The f**k is you talkin’ ’bout?” Latto confidently defended her choice to collaborate with the iconic Jennifer Lopez.

This winter, Latto not only faces criticism from online detractors but is also rumored to have had a physical altercation with fellow femcee Coi Leray, according to a celebrity makeup artist. While neither party has confirmed the rumors, curious readers can catch up on the gossip through the provided link.

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