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Latto’s New Song Teases Low “Body Count,” Garners Praise from Male Fans



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This week, Latto offered a sneak peek of her upcoming song, sparking admiration from many male fans for a particular bar in the preview. The snippet was shared in a carousel post on Sunday (January 7), showcasing the 777 rapper in a shirt that humorously reads “Ex virgin.” Latto concluded the preview right after rapping, “Anyway, body count so low I might say I’m a virgin.”

When the snippet found its way onto Akademiks’ page, one specific bar caught the attention of numerous male listeners. A comment on the repost read, “‘Body count so low I might say I’m a virgin’ it’s a flex to have a low body count; females pay attention.”

Another person expressed their support for low body count references in rap, stating, “I’m all for low body count raps,” while a third noted, “The ladies gone skip that last part.”

In addition to the focus on the mentioned bar, other comments praised the song as a whole. Fans lauded Latto with remarks such as, “She raw asf! And actually talented! Love her,” “The beginning of that beat made me feel like a pimp,” and “nah ngl she slide every time.”

The term “body count” refers to the number of sexual partners a person has had in their lifetime, and societal attitudes often place judgment on women for what is perceived as a high count, while men may not face the same scrutiny.

In a different perspective, Jack Harlow recently shared on Cam’ron and Ma$e’s podcast, It Is What It Is, that he doesn’t hold high body counts against women he’s interested in. Harlow acknowledged that a woman’s history can indicate experience, stating, “The thing about history is it often indicates a woman knows what she’s doing. So it don’t bother me too much.”

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This contrasts with Boosie Badazz’s recent reaction to Brittany Renner’s admission of having a high number of sexual partners. Boosie expressed skepticism, stating, “That’s kinda not adding up. I don’t want no bitch that’s slept with 35 n-ggas. You’ve at least been burnt seven times.”

While different artists have varying views on the topic, Latto’s upcoming song has sparked a conversation around societal attitudes towards body counts, particularly for women in the rap industry.

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