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Legal Battle Ensues Over Wendy Williams Documentary as Guardian Files Lawsuit



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A legal battle has erupted over the airing of Lifetime’s documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?” this weekend, according to a report from TMZ. Wendy Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, has filed a lawsuit seeking to block the documentary’s two-part airing on Saturday and Sunday. The petition includes a request for a restraining order, with the outcome set to determine whether the documentary will proceed as planned. Updates on this developing story will be provided as they unfold.

Confusion has arisen among fans regarding Williams’ guardian, who is a white attorney rather than a member of her family. Questions have been raised about why Williams’ son, brother, father, or sister—an attorney—aren’t serving as her guardian. Concerns about her well-being and rights have been expressed, particularly as Williams’ family has claimed she has been in a treatment facility for “cognitive issues” since April 2023, under a state-mandated conservatorship.

Williams’ sister, Wanda, has spoken out about the family’s struggle to see her amidst the conservatorship. The family’s move to Florida last year has further complicated matters. The timing of the documentary’s release adds another layer of complexity, with initial intentions to document Williams’ return to television taking a different direction. Now, the documentary is expected to offer a more sobering portrayal of Williams’ current situation.

Stay tuned for further updates on this ongoing legal dispute surrounding Wendy Williams’ documentary.

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