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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Unite to Support U.S. Congress Bill Against AI Replication



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While Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have had a history of rivalry in the music industry, they recently set aside their differences to support a common cause. The bipartisan No Artificial Intelligence Fake Replicas And Unauthorized Duplications Act, also known as “No AI FRAUD,” was introduced in the U.S. House on January 10. The bill aims to regulate artificial intelligence and received backing from over 300 artists and creatives, including 21 Savage, Chuck D, Common, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Questlove, and Smokey Robinson.

This collaborative effort was captured in an open letter published by the Human Artistry Campaign (H.A.C.), featured as a running ad in USA Today on February 2. The No AI FRAUD Act seeks to federally protect voices and likenesses from unauthorized replication through AI technology, emphasizing the fundamental human right to one’s voice and image.

The H.A.C., which had outlined seven core tenets about AI technology in March 2023, underscores the importance of proper licensing for artistic works used in crafting AI models and restrictions on the government’s ability to exploit exemptions in intellectual property law for AI developers. The new act follows the “NO FAKES” Act from October of the previous year and is championed by Representatives María Elvira Salazar, Rob Wittman, Nathaniel Moran, Madeleine Dean, and Joe Morelle.

Representative Salazar emphasized the bill’s significance, stating, “It’s time for bad actors using AI to face the music. This bill plugs a hole in the law and gives artists and U.S. citizens the power to protect their rights, their creative work, and their fundamental individuality online.” The legislation received broad support from industry leaders, including the Recording Academy and Universal Music Group. The convergence of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj in supporting this initiative highlights the universal concern within the creative community for safeguarding artistic integrity against AI replication.

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