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Lil Nas X Teases Industry Exposé in Upcoming Release; Faces Criticism Over Shift to “Christian Era”



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In a recent Instagram post, Lil Nas X hinted at an upcoming revelation as he expressed the need to “watch his back” while planning to “expose the industry” next Friday. The announcement comes ahead of the release of his first single since 2022’s STAR WALKIN’, which served as the official anthem for the League of Legends World Championships. Reports suggest that the artist is gearing up for the release of a full album, marking the sophomore follow-up to 2021’s Montero.

Lil Nas X has previously discussed “entering his Christian era” and recently posted a TikTok about “finding God after the industry tried to make me satanic.” These statements hint at his intention to “expose the industry” in the upcoming week. The artist has faced mixed reactions to his proposed career shift, with some expressing anticipation for the reveal and others criticizing the shift in narrative.

In response to criticism, Lil Nas X addressed detractors who interpreted his symbolic actions negatively. “I hate how the world successfully changed the narrative of the call me by your name video,” he wrote, highlighting the misinterpretation of his artistic choices. The rapper acknowledged that some perceived it as “mocking God,” while asserting his right to express himself.

Despite facing backlash, Lil Nas X asserted himself as “God’s favorite” in response to additional criticism about his plans. Notably, singer Tyrese emerged as a prominent critic, urging Lil Nas X to “stop playing with God” and accusing him of “making a mockery of Jesus.” The criticism prompted Lil Nas X to reaffirm his commitment to his artistic vision, defending his choices against those who questioned his compatibility with being a “good Christian” due to his sexuality.

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As Lil Nas X prepares to unveil his upcoming release and potential revelations about the industry, the public awaits further details and insights into the artist’s perspective. Stay tuned for updates and reactions.

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